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GEMINI NEW MOON Friday 7 June 2024
Chart calculated for NZT 0.38 am
Intentionally dream and vision much-needed new narratives

Gemini iconAn alignment of planets in effervescent Gemini suggests studying and exploring whatever is currently catching our attention.  Mobility, fresh air and a few fun distractions from the serious side of life won't go amiss now.  Trines from Gemini to Black Moon Lilith/South Node in Libra help us release any perfectionist ideals or judgements.  Go for physical activity if Mars into Taurus from June 9 is obstinate about letting go.  We may get briefly stuck in our monkey minds when Sun/Mercury meet in Gemini on June 15.  Venus and Mercury go into Cancer on the 17th, then get cosy on the 18th, suggesting a willingness to share private feelings with our nearest and dearest.  Luxuriate in home comforts.  Maybe settle in with a good book or a movie.  Vesta into Leo on the 20th enhances our creativity over the next two months, while Sun into Cancer the next day highlights domestic talents.Black Moon Lilith has returned to Virgo to confer with Juno again on the 21st and 27th.  How's that inner critic doing?  Is overwork leading to burnout?  At Capricorn Full Moon on the 22nd, Mercury and Mars are in a cooperative sextile.  Opt for emotional openness rather than yield to an unforgiving Mars in Taurus slow internal smoulder.

Saturn is retrograde from June 30 to November 16.  Neptune is retrograde from July 2 to December 8.  Ride the waves of both planets stepping back in Pisces.  Reality checks urge us to look within, soul-searching memory and intuition.  Release any murky emotional or spiritual obstacles preventing the realisation of big dreams.  A past life reading or guided meditation could provide insight.  The best outcomes of a Saturn/Neptune cosmic interrogation would be greater compassion, the ability to build bridges with different others, and an upsurge of creativity.  Mercury into Leo from July 3 further boosts imagination, stimulating expressions of brilliance through poetry, writing, storytelling, communications, theatre, music, photography and myriad other art forms.  "Stories We Tell" by Suzanne Ashmore.  Artwork featured in 2024 Astrological Diary

TAURUS NEW MOON Wednesday 8 May 2024
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Tamaki Makarau/Auckland, NZ

Taurus icon

Delight in the gifts of the present moment

 Aries and Taurus dominate this New Moon chart.  Time to realise all we are renewing or birthing.  Give personal forms of unique expression a voice with Sun conjunct Uranus on May 13.  Don't try to impress others with retrograde Ceres in Capricorn from May 15 to August 26.  Think carefully about what you genuinely value while Mercury is in Taurus from May 16.  Review essential truths while retrograde Pallas Athene is in Scorpio from May 17 to July 10.

Taurus New Moon Chart On May 18, Black Moon Lilith pairs with the Virgo Moon challenging us to recognise what we criticise in others may reflect something within ourselves.  Venus meeting Uranus invites us to enjoy all things weird and wonderful.  When Sun and Jupiter tango together on the 19th, our joy and appreciation of the natural world expands, while the Sun into Gemini on the 21st arouses curiosity.  Tune in to the confidence and optimism offered by Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 23rd.  Fall in love with Life!  Venus into Gemini on the 24th savours flirtatious fun and breezy alliances.  However, be aware that a Scorpio Full Moon on the same day indicates emotional vulnerability that may not be immediately apparent.


For just over a year from May 26, an eagerly enthusiastic Jupiter in Gemini pushes us to be all over a zillion different things.  All will be well if zipping back and forth suits, but some may find this energy exhausting.  Mars/Chiron and Lilith/South Node on the 30th/31st may indicate difficulty owning deeply entrenched patterns.  Anger might be on the table.  Tantric sex might offer a path towards healing.  Mercury conjunct Uranus on the 31st will throw in some revolutionary thinking and ideas.  Mercury into Gemini on June 3, conjunct Jupiter on June 4, suggests getting organised with our extensive list of things to do.  The odds are, though, we could be thriving on rapid change.  Sun conjunct Venus on June 5 lightens the mood with many fun activities.
"Rosebud - Age and Innocence 1" by Aralyn Doiron: aralyndoiron.com
Artwork featured in 2024 Moon Diary

ARIES NEW MOON Thursday 9 April 2024
Chart calculated for NZT 6.20 am
Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ
Aries iconKarmic relationships
play a significant role in 2024

Today's Total Sun eclipse is visible mainly in North and Central America.  An exact Sun/Moon/Chiron alignment highlights personal wounds that may hinder the expression of our authentic selves.  This eclipse invites the integration of high ideals and future visions.  Autonomous relationships are massively emphasised in 2024 by Venus Direct all year, and a lengthy dance between Lilith, Juno and the Moon Nodes.  A Mars/Saturn combo on April 11 can trigger confusing emotional reactions.  Understandings surface as Mercury retrograde meets the Sun, Chiron and Venus between the 12th and the 19th.

 A momentous Jupiter/Uranus conjunction on the 21st ushers in new values, spontaneous joy, freedom, vitality, luck, change and revolution.  When Jupiter/Uranus last met in 1997, the first voice recognition software was released, and the first animal - Dolly the sheep - was cloned from a single cell.  Genetic engineering and cloning technologies interfere with nature to manufacture, for example: "synthetic not-food", yet there is enough real food on the planet to feed everyone.  The problems are distribution, hoarding and waste.  Will cautious Taurus go overboard or curtail some runaway issues of our times?

Creativity for Change artworkVenus, sympatico with Taurus, meets Chiron on the 21st.  Self-love or compassion for ourselves and our imperfections is healing.  Juno, Full Moon, and Mercury from the 22nd to the 26th invite open communication with our loved ones.  On the 29th, a Mars/Neptune union and Venus into Taurus emphasise our universal oneness with everything.  Value the support from Papatūānuku, grounding our bodies with gravity.  Lilith joins the karmic South Node on April 29, May 5 and 6.  A shadow side of Lilith in Libra is perfectionism, often leading to loneliness.  Pluto retrograde on May 2 suggests soul-searching our sense of belonging.  Who are our friends?  What groups nourish our evolution?  Do we connect with our lineages?  A third meeting of Mercury/Chiron on May 7 summons mental clarity and, potentially, a thorough clearing of any brain fog.
"Creativity for Change" by Paula Franco - Artwork featured in 2024 Moon Calendar www.paulafranco.net


PISCES NEW MOON Sunday 10 March 2024
Chart calculated for NZDT 10.00 PM
Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ 
Pisces iconWhat we think we become, what we feel we attract, what we imagine we create

This New Moon, Juno, Jupiter/Uranus and Ceres form an earthy grand trine.  Two cooperative sextiles create a kite formation with Pisces on one side of the harmonious triangle.  These dynamic aspects offer enhanced self-awareness and the potential for effortless change.  Black Moon Lilith is the focal point of a Yod from Mars and Chiron.  A Yod is often referred to as a blessing/divine gift.  A shadow side of Lilith in Virgo is self-criticism.  If this resonates, start viewing mistakes as indicators to do differently.  Action planet Mars prompts inventive solutions, and Chiron promotes healing.  On March 14, 21 and 23, Lilith and Juno ask us to be more conscious.Pisces New Moon chart 

Mercury into Aries, Venus into Pisces, and Sun conjunct Neptune March 10 - 18 inspire a personal reset.  The Sun into Aries on the 20th and Mercury conjunct Chiron on the 21st may trigger wake-up calls.  Venus meeting Saturn and Mars into Pisces on March 22/23, attune us to divine guidance.  However, if volunteering to help others, we best not exhaust ourselves.  The March 25 Libra Full Moon Eclipse emphasises the scales of balance.  Are they weighted more on the side of Self or other?  How much harmony, peace and joy do we experience in our relationships?  We need others, but Vesta in Cancer Pax MacKenzie art - Deeper Pathwaysfrom March 31 to June 20 tests the boundary line between co-dependence and interdependency.

In 2024, communication planet Mercury retrogrades in the Fire signs, igniting creative passion.  Mercury retrogrades in Aries from April 2 - 26.  Mercury's three meetings with the North Node, Chiron and Eris invite us to heal our birth wounding, or specifically to release any trauma we may have experienced in the form of head injuries and also what we have been told about ourselves that isn't part of our soul's calling.  Venus conjunct Neptune on April 4 inspires appreciation of the miraculous beauty of our Universe.  Venus into Aries on April 5 encourages autonomy.

"Deeper Pathways" by Pax MacKenzie - artwork featured in 2024 Moon Diary  
#Facebook/theuplandroad #Instagram:@theuplandroad_presents


AQUARIUS NEW MOON Saturday 10 February 2024
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Tamaki Makarau/Auckland, NZ

Welcome to the Chinese Lunar Year of the Wood Dragon. The Dragon is the only mythical animal in the Chinese Zodiac.  Dragon years are associated with great strength, positive transformation and interesting challenges. The element of Wood symbolises creativity and adaptability.  Buildings of all kinds are likely to be repurposed or made more sustainable in a Wood Dragon year.

aquarius iconLeave Room in Life for Life  In the Aquarius New Moon chart, a finger of fate aspect formation points to Juno and is pushed by Aquarius and Aries significators.  Tune in to the call of Your Soul.  Who are you?  Why are you here?  Are you being true to your essential Self?  Relationship goddess Juno is in a grand trine with Venus and Uranus presenting surprises.  Expect the unexpected.  In 2024, Juno frequently pairs up with Black Moon Lilith.  On February 25, retrograde Lilith meets retrograde Juno in Virgo, revealing the shadow sides of workaholism and or relationships.  This year we will have multiple opportunities to review the health of work and relationships.Aquarius New Moon chart

Mars ventures into Aquarius on February 13, uniting with big player Pluto on the 14th, prompting a volcanic power surge.  Will this energy continue being intertwined with patriarchal power over dynamics, or could we direct it towards the well-being and benefit of all?  On the 17th, Venus arrives in Aquarius, immediately joining Pluto and empowering us with agapē, a divine and selfless form of unconditional love.  When Venus and Mars meet on the 22nd, we are motivated to act on improving our connections with others.

Heartsong-Kathy-CrabbeOn the 19th, 23rd and 28th, the Sun and Mercury activate the slower-moving planets in Pisces.  Saturn arrived in Pisces in March 2023 and Neptune in 2011.  They will both leave Pisces in early 2026.  Saturn and Neptune have not been in Pisces at the same time since 1847 - 1849 when anesthetics and antiseptics were first used.  Saturn represents form, Neptune formlessness.  Although energetically in contrast, Saturn/Neptune combinations are associated with social reform, minority rights, the foundations of faith, mysticism, realising dreams, making peace with the past, releasing suffering and putting burdens to rest.  Notice conversations around the 29th when Sun and Mercury meet Saturn.  Mercury conjunct Neptune on March 9 stimulates our imagination.  Give artistic dreams expression.  Deepen spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation.
"Heartsong" by Kathy Crabbe - artwork featured in 2024 Moon Diary


CAPRICORN NEW MOON Friday 12 January 2024
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Tamaki Makarau/Auckland, NZ

capricorn icon

If we need to heal, we need to feelAt the first New Moon of 2024, the Moon meets Pluto on the critical 29th degree, stirring deep emotions.  Let emotions flow, taking responsibility for them rather than pushing feelings down or placing blame elsewhere.  The anarectic 29th degree is associated with difficult decisions, fatalistic endings and urgent change.  The prevailing cardinal signs, Aries and Capricorn, are perfect for bravely facing the unknown and ambitious goal setting.  Mercury into Capricorn on January 14 adds valuable ideas.  Venus conjunct Ceres on the 17th inspires the love of wild open spaces and passion for adventure.

capricorn new moon chart

On the 21st, the Sun meets Pluto in Capricorn, and then both step into Aquarius, ushering in a power-packed evolutionary 20-year-long era.  Pluto's last transit through Aquarius was 248 years ago, from 1778 to 1798, coinciding with the American, French and Industrial revolutions.  In the next 20 years, humanity will transform radically.  What we imagine, we create, so hold fast to positive future visions.  We will likely witness exciting and perhaps scary developments in technology, space exploration, science and medicine.

Venus, in Capricorn from January 23 to February 17, invites the enjoyment of serious pleasures.  Uranus, direct from January 27, and Mercury, conjunct Mars on the 28th, provide opportunities to release resistance or break free from some restraint.  In 2024, Juno often travels in consort with Black Moon Lilith or the Libra South Node, emphasising karmic relationships.  Mercury zips into Aquarius on February 5, befriending Pluto the next day.  The first degree of a sign offers new learnings, a time to deeply ponder new ways of being coming into existence.  Pallas Athene in Sagittarius from February 6 through to May 17 encourages unity, Vesta direct in Gemini from the 8th carries sacred messages, and Ceres into Capricorn from February 8 to December 7 fosters care throughout the year for our home planet Earth.

"Talisman" by Rose Donaghy - artwork featured in 2024 Moon Calendar 


SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON Wednesday 13 December 2023
Chart calculated for NZDT 12.32 pm, 
Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ
Sagittarius New Moon Chart
Sagittarius icon
A grand fire trine in the Sagittarius New Moon chart with the Moon's North Node of destiny conjunct Eris may coincide with activism around unfair or wrong situations.  Spiritual warriors will be more strident now with Mars trine Chiron.  Black Moon Lilith in Leo encourages us to uplift others by honouring their unique strengths and talents and to see change as an opportunity.  Those giving voice to fiery passions may believe themselves unheard as Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn.  However, only time will tell if this is or is not so.  Use Mercury's retrograde period for the rest of 2023 to consciously nourish your body.  Does your work satisfy you?  What are your attitudes to all kinds of resources, especially money?  Tune in to the profound insights of the goddesses of love and wisdom.  Venus and Pallas Athene in Scorpio promote appreciation of beauty and the potential for meaningful sexual intimacy.

On December 20, Vesta retrogrades into Gemini for additional information gathering and research.  Raumati, or Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, is on the 22nd when theThd Living Cosmsos - art by Katrina Leah Sun goes into Capricorn, and the Full Moon is in Cancer.  Remember to celebrate the years' achievements amongst the push-pull between home and family and external goals concerning work, money and success.  On the 23rd, the Sun conjuncts Mercury as the winged messenger backs into Sagittarius.  Enjoy an exhilaratingly wide variety of thoughts and revelations now, and get the ball rolling on innovative plans as Mercury moves into conjunction with Mars on the 28th.   

On the 27th, Chiron goes direct, resolving some of the New Moon activism.  Venus into Sagittarius on the 30th implies romantic adventures, while Jupiter moving direct on the 31st generates expansive feelings about life and refreshes our optimism around future security.
2023 Diary artwork "The Living Cosmos" by Katrina Leah

SCORPIO NEW MOON Monday 13 November 2023
Chart Calculated for NZDT 10.28 pm, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZScorpio New Moon chart 


Trines in the Fire and Water signs help us navigate the erratic and tricky aspects Scorpio glyphin the Scorpio New Moon chart.  Eris, North Node in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus, Lilith in Leo, South Node, Pallas Athene in Libra, the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Ceres in Scorpio are all closely involved.  The stormy teacup sesquares, seesaw quincunxes, challenging oppositions and confrontational squares ask us: Are we brave enough to stand up for what we believe in?  Can we draw on the wisdom of the past, call on the healing power of love and envision a better future for all?

The Sun catches up with Mars on the 18th, demanding honesty, while on the 19th, Pallas Athene begins a 3-month journey through Scorpio, inviting a deep dive into core insights and nitty-gritty wisdom.  Horizons expand between the 21st and the 25th when Sun, Ceres, and Mars meet and cross into Sagittarius.  We may become more eager to explore and acquire new knowledge.  A friendly Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th opens valuable lines of communication.  Cardinal Fire is dominant in the Full Moon chart - great for getting a critical initiative underway. 

Mercury into Capricorn on December 2 is perfect for careful planning, shrewd thinking and material success in business, while Venus into Scorpio on the 5th adds seductive glamour.  In his book, All Around the Zodiac, Bil Tierney writes (about Venus in Scorpio): “Love is never a frivolous pursuit; in fact, it can help motivate us to reexamine emotional values needing an overhaul or a rebirth”.  In the days after Neptune goes Direct on the 7th, our mental skies may brighten and clear. We may see our known world and beyond in an inspiringly fresh way. Telepathic connections and synchronistic events are likely to occur with greater frequency now.
2023 Diary artwork "Hine-nui-te-põ" by Sofia Minson  www.NewZealandArtwork.com 


LIBRA NEW MOON Sunday 15 October 2023
Chart calculated for NZDT 6.55 am, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ
Partial Sun Eclipse 7.00 am NZDT

Libra New Moon

Today's Partial Eclipse is immensely powerful and could suddenly manifest in crisis orLibra icon as the clearing away of enormous obstacles.  The Moon's Nodes of karma and destiny suggest assessing how much of ourselves we give out to please others.  Time to review or break free from unsupportive or oppressive relationships.  In Leo, Black Moon Lilith and Juno indicate how inappropriate egocentric behaviours can follow if we or others are taken for granted, ignored or rejected.  Override challenging aspects by consciously calling on the trines between Mars, Saturn and Eris/North Node, Lilith/Juno to help us contain turbulent emotions and stand firm in our truths.

From October 18 to August 2024, Juno in Virgo offers multiple opportunities to play and work with relationship patterns and beliefs.  How can we evolve out of all that is no longer useful?  Avoid confusing tangles when Mercury meets the Sun on the 20th, but be ready to dive deep from the 22nd when Mercury goes into Scorpio, followed by the Sun on the 24th. 

2023-Moon-Diary-image-Suadela-by-KathyCrabbeA Partial Full Moon Eclipse on the 29th is the last in a cycle of seven Taurus/Scorpio eclipses.  These potent eclipses connect with personal and shared resources and may echo thresholds crossed since November 2021.  What do we value?  How do we invest in ourselves and others?  Mercury conjunct Mars on the 30th highlights positively thought-out actions, while Vesta retrograde on November 3 encourages us to nurture sacred space in our home environment.  On the 4th, Mercury conjunct Ceres suggests deep caring understanding, while Saturn direct implies imaginative leaps forward.  Venus into Virgo on the 8th and Mercury into Sagittarius on the 10th signify fidelity in love relationships and intellectual adventures.
2023 Diary artwork "Suadela" by Kathy Crabbe  www.kathycrabbe.com 


VIRGO NEW MOON Friday 15 September 2023
Chart calculated for NZT 1.40 pm Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ

Virgo New Moon image

Virgo icon

The Virgo New Moon chart contains many interesting, interlinked aspects, including a grand trine between Saturn and Vesta in Water and Ceres in Air.  Black Moon Lilith opposes Saturn and turns the grand trine into a kite formation.  A kite adds tension to the usually easy-going grand trine and provides the focus for integration or release.  The planets involved suggest cooperation and practical understanding but may raise questions about realities we only feel.  Can we follow our instincts?  We may fear change or struggle to structure our lives in ways that feel authentic, but choosing courage and stepping into the unknown can be hugely liberating. 

Antonia O'Mahoney-artist-image-RunningWildOn September 16, Ceres goes into Scorpio, impelling us to deepen our emotional bonds until late November.  Mercury direct the same day suggests we are more likely to listen, be heard and attend to important details.  The 23rd is Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.  Te Koanga is a rebirthing time for sowing seeds and preparing the ground for planting and future harvest.

On the 28th, Venus meets Juno in Leo, the day before an Aries Full Moon.  Celebrate the creative achievements of loved ones.  Find ways to spark excitement in romantic relationships.  The Sun catches up with Pallas Athene on October 2, and being at peace and creating a harmonious balance with others becomes a priority.  On the 5th, Mercury joins the Libra contingent contributing charisma to any presentations we might be putting forward, while Venus into Virgo on the 9th adds discretion.  Pluto direct on the 11th could indicate a fresh start, a new job or a renovation, especially if we've been plumbing the depths of our inner worlds during the winter months.  On the 12th, Mars into Scorpio gifts us with extra drive and determination, while Mercury meeting Pallas Athene in Libra puts valuable negotiating skills on the table.
2023 Diary artwork "Running Wild" by Antonia O'Mahoney 


LEO NEW MOON Wednesday 16 August 2023
Chart calculated for NZT 9.38 pm, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ

Leo New Moon Map

Leo iconThe many fire trines between Aries and Leo on this New Moon indicate an action-packed lunar month.  Be careful!  With only Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, there is little water to douse any out-of-control egocentric blazes.  Eris and North Node are closely conjunct, as are Sun, Moon and Lilith.  Mars and Uranus in Earth aspect the Fire signs, and Juno opposes Pluto.  Hot issues demanding karmic resolution could come charging out of the shadows now.  Venus, Chiron, Juno and Pluto support us in facing present-day challenges with equanimity and unconditional love.  Venus, direct in early September, emphasises love and generosity during her long sojourn in Leo from June to October.


The Virgo solar month from August 23 encourages detailed attention.  The next day, Mercury goes retrograde.  Allow internal processing details to surface.  Observe monkey mind antics.  Nurture rather than criticise.  On the 26th, Pallas Athene and Mercury affirm the benefits of positive thinking and meditation.  From the 28th, Mars in Libra enhances relationship cooperation, while Uranus retrograde on the 29th may trigger uncertainty.  The Pisces Full Moon on the 31st provides lessons and opportunities to feel compassion.  Moon and Saturn help us trust emotional guidance, Sun and Black Moon Lilith allow us to honour imperfections, while fortuitous fingers of fate in the Full Moon chart pointing to Neptune and Ceres can ground us in the mystical nature of earthly existence.

Energies shift in early September.  Venus is direct on the 4th.  Jupiter goes retrograde on the 5th, possibly delaying a project.  Watch out for miscommunications when retrograde Mercury meets the Sun on the 6th.  Venus conjunct Juno on the 10th can deepen commitments, while Pallas Athene into Libra and Vesta into Cancer on the 14th offer equilibrium and practical expressions of empathy.

2023 Moon Diary artwork "Leo" by NZ artist Stefanie Reiner
social media @theartofbeingwater


CANCER NEW MOON Tuesday 18 July 2023
Chart calculated for NZT 6.32 am, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ 
Cancer New Moon chart image

Cancer iconYin signs prevail in this New Moon chart.  A square aspect from Eris in Aries to the Moon/Sun conjunction in Cancer suggests women (mostly) taking a stand, perhaps speaking up for the rights of children, mothers or those in caregiving roles such as nurses and teachers.  A last major push for a values shift is likely as the Moon, Sun, and Pluto move into a grand square with the Nodes.  Today the Nodes begin a significant new cycle, moving from Taurus/Scorpio into Aries/Libra.  In the past 18 months, the Nodes highlighted many security issues, including a sense of self-worth, money and other resources.  Attachments may have eased.  In the coming 18 months, the Nodes shine their light on self-awareness, autonomy, trusting inner guidance and releasing co-dependency.

On July 23, the Sun goes into Leo, while Venus going retrograde, extends her stay in courageous Leo through to October.  Invite your creative mind to enjoy playful lion-hearted energies.  Let in love, go with the flow, and investigate any fears of change on the horizon.  Chiron retrograde on July 24 is the fifth planet retrograde.  Yes, retrograde season is definitely underway, and we may feel thwarted on the external plane.  However, the retro season is an excellent time for reflection and revision as our unconscious selves are closer to the surface and easier to tune into.

Hine Takurua, the Winter Maiden artwork by Katrina Leah

At the end of July, Mercury meets Venus allowing a mind-heart connection.  Mercury then goes into Virgo, and our minds and hands get busy.  Is it time to start a new health regime?  Is there writing or a craft project waiting in the wings?  Focus sharpens when Mercury meets Pallas Athene on August 9.  A Venus/Sun rendezvous on the 13th intensifies pleasure, while Juno into Leo on the 16th seeks mutual support between partners and loved ones.

2023 Moon Diary artwork "Hine Takurua, The Winter Maiden" by NZ artist Katrina Leah   instagram: @katrinaleahart


GEMINI NEW MOON Sunday 18 June 2023
Chart calculated for NZT 4.37 pm, Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland, NZ

Gemini-iconAt Gemini New Moon, a Grand Earth trine offers a measure of peace, while a T-square between the mutable signs suggests flexibility and willingness to change.  Previously, Ceres was trine Pluto in November 2022 and March 2023.  Ceres Pluto themes are often associated with loss, reconciliation and return.  Vesta's involvement in the earthy grand trine adds healing and regeneration to the mix.


Planets in Leo with fire trines to Aries bring warm, upbeat energies, perhaps not easily accessible.  Acknowledging fear of change and being open to our vulnerable selves will help ignite the fiery sparks that motivate action.  Share feelings with intimate others as the Moon and Sun conjunct with Juno.  On a personal level, Juno in Gemini emphasises talking and planning.  A cooperative sextile between Jupiter and Saturn on June 20 highlights social consciousness and participation in community life.  Ceres into Libra from June 21 until mid-September also encourages personal and social cooperation. 

The Sun and Juno into Cancer on June 22 indicate a strong need to care and be cared for.  Share food with loved ones and celebrate all kitchen goddess talents.  Vesta in Gemini from June 23 to mid-September enlivens conversation and information sharing.  Between June 27 and July 3, Mercury goes into Cancer, meeting Juno and the Sun.  Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde, and there is a Full Moon in Capricorn.  The emotional floodgates may burst open.  Apparently, a feeling lasts 16 or 17 seconds; our thoughts keep the emotional momentum going.  On the 10th, Mars and Pallas Athene head into Virgo, suggesting fine craftwork and attention to detail.  Mercury into Leo on July 11 ushers in a flotilla of clever, creative ideas.

2023 Moon Diary artwork "The Unknown She" by NZ artist Katrina Leah
instagram: @katrinaleahart