GEMINI Forecast for 2024


Opportunities to deepen your knowledge of the intuitive psyche realms continue to arise, with Jupiter meeting Uranus in the hidden, under-conscious area of your being in April. In May, Jupiter crossing into Gemini imprints this knowledge onto your sense of who you are, the personal projected identity, how you see the world and how the world sees you. Use your intuition and psychic powers to positively change what you see needs changing in your immediate environment. Prophetic Asbolus has been in Gemini recently, leaving for Cancer in June, and priestess Vesta is in your sign until April. When in doubt, go inside, meditate and ask for guidance. The Moon Nodes in your 11th/5th houses indicate a change of heart direction, calling in new friendships and evolutionary group associations. Mercury's second retrograde period in April is an excellent time to reflect on your future direction and what still needs healing (Chiron) in ongoing friendship associations. Are there some influences you must leave behind to follow your unique path? What new commitments and responsibilities are you considering taking on? Pallas Athene is in your 7th house for much of the year, lending her perceptive intelligence, courage and healing powers to help you better understand the roles intimacy and relationships play in your life.

GEMINI Forecast for 2023      Be  Inspired by Your Core Identity

For the first three months of 2023, Mars in Gemini will support your inner growth, giving you the energy to move forward with passionately inspired projects. Saturn, moving into Pisces and your 10th solar house in March, deepens your compassion for the human struggle and draws you to projects where you can positively contribute to change. Avoid self-sabotage and the idea that you are not sufficiently qualified or talented enough to do what you are doing. Vesta is in your sign from late June to mid-September, focusing energy on your relationship with yourself, helping you explore the essence of who you are and how this core identity inspires your goals in the outer world. The North Moon Node and Jupiter, joining revolutionary Uranus in the under-conscious area of your being, encourages an ongoing deepening of your knowledge of the intuitive psyche realms. Mercury also spends its second retrograde period (April/May) in your 12th house. Inner exploration and growth enrich your determination to make a difference in the outer world. Venus, in your place of communication from June to September and Ceres in your house of love and creativity from March to June, encourages time out from serious mental activities. Give your heart full reign, relax and have fun.

Your Zodiac Sign

Gemini ~ Breeze 21 May – 21 June
Physical correlations:
Lungs, shoulders, arms, nervous system
Celestial Correlations: Mercury
Gemstones: Quartz crystal, Tiger's Eye

The healing wisdom of Gemini is KNOWLEDGE
The first Air sign of the Zodiac specialises in mercurial changes. Geminis like to shift the furniture around and tend to read the last page of a book first. Many myths concerning twins and sister goddesses symbolise dark and light polarities, and the search for wholeness through integration of our hidden sides. Geminis are like exquisite birds who light down near you, then dart away with a flash of colourful feathers, following curiosity and the allure of other brighter flowers. The Lovers tarot card shows the dilemma of seeing self mirrored in other, and deciding whether to merge into one or focus on duality.

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