LEO Forecast for 2022      Hearth and Heart Keeper

The North Node in your 10th solar house beckons you to achieve your greatest ambition in your professional, political, social and community lives. Stay in touch with your heart-centred guiding light and keep following all that brings joy to yourself and those around you. Doubts may surface to hold you back during Mercury's retrograde period in May/June. Call on Kaali to remove old familiar patterns of hiding from the limelight, veils that mask the brilliance of your lion-hearted leadership. Pay attention to your inner child and give her space to be. In January and February, look for new creative ways to beautify your environment and enjoy the simple natural gifts of life that present themselves. Intimacy and relationships continue to be a work in progress. Jupiter spends most of this year in your house of sexuality and power dynamics. Jupiter's meeting with cosmic Neptune this year sprinkles all our experiences with a haze of fairy dust. Dance with the myriad visionary possibilities on offer. Then, before making any firm commitments, check with your evolving new system of values and resources. Trust yourSelf. The solar eclipses in May and October open doorways to release fears and stand firm in your charismatic presence.


Leo Forecast for 2021     Work with others to invent new ways of being and relating intended for the highest good of All.

In December 2020 Jupiter and Saturn began their new 20-year cycle in Aquarius, in your 7th solar house of relationships. Jupiter's enthusiastic leaps into new experiences are tempered by Saturn putting on the brakes. Juno, in your house of love and creativity for most of the year, favours commitment over romantic flings. Mid-year a solar eclipse in this house invites a review of how satisfied you are in your self-expression. The North Moon Node in your house of friendship and social groups, accompanied by protective Mother goddess Ceres May-August, urges the highest spiritual connection with like-minded others. The challenge may be to balance the importance of your friendships with the enticement of romantic attractions. Chariklo will be teaching an in-depth understanding of others at the same time as she recommends establishing appropriate boundaries in relationships. From mid-March, Pallas Athene will be in your 8th house supporting you in all things to do with sex, shared resources, money and power. It's time for self-loving and self-empowerment lionhearted Leo.

Your Zodiac Sign


Leo ~ Flame 23 July – 23 August
Physical correlations: Heart, spine and back
Celestial Correlations: Sun
Gemstones: Amber, rhodochrosite

The healing wisdom of Leo is PLAY
Fixed Fire sign Leo, is a big cuddly kitten at heart. It is said that "All love originates with self-love", and that's Leo. In the temple zodiacs of ancient Egypt, Leo appears as a Goddess with a Lion, signifying dignity and respect. In India and Tibet, the star goddess Tara is shown riding the cosmic lion and holding the sun in the palm of her hand. Depicted as a playful adolescent, Tara sees life for the game it is, and helps others become enlightened. Leos shine for the sheer joy of it, their charismatic energy making them natural leaders. Like the child in all of us, they love to perform and to be praised. The Strength tarot card shows the great power of befriending our life force energy.