TAURUS Forecast for 2022     Honouring Sacred Embodiment

 tarusThe Moon Nodes moving into Taurus/Scorpio in January bring a series of eclipses to your sign. In your first solar house of identity, the North Moon Node reinforces Uranus' revolutionary agenda, inspiring you to fulfil your soul's mission. Stepping outside your comfort zone, you have much creative beauty to give to the world. On May 1st, at the time of the Solar eclipse, think about what stops you from being your most gorgeous whole self, then offer those deceptive veils to Kaali to throw into her fire of transformation. With the meeting of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces in April, sharing with friends and companions on your dharma path will reveal many shared visions. You may feel inspired to invite others to join you in a circle meeting on the new or full moons to play together and explore your creative spirit. In May and October, the South Moon Node and eclipses in Scorpio invite you to let go of karmic blocks in relationships, another challenge occurring at the lunar eclipse in Taurus in November. Venus will be supporting your Sun, feeding light and love into Moon/Uranus/Kaali then. Feel Her embrace and go for it, dear Taurus.

TAURUS Forecast for 2021     Following on with your mission to know your true vocation 

As the radical awakener Uranus continues through Taurus, you are challenged to move out of your comfort zone and experiment with new ways of being this year. Venus helps you stay on track with her loving guidance. In February, June and December, Saturn will square Uranus. You may experience these times as emotional battles going on within; freedom to fully express yourself vying with a sense of responsibility to humanity and the planet. Jupiter adds an abundance of enthusiasm to the greater mission. The North Moon Node in your 2nd solar house points to the need to ensure whatever you are doing, including what earns you a living, is in line with your essential values. Feel it out and watch for over-commitment in any direction. Ceres in Taurus and your second solar house suggests working for radical change, such as the establishment of new economic systems ensuring better care of planet Earth and her people. Devotional Vesta supports you in your creativity and love life, emphasising a spiritual focus in both. Call on her to connect more fully with your soul.

Your Zodiac Sign


Taurus ~ Rock 20 April – 21 May
Physical correlations:
Mouth, throat, neck and thyroid
Celestial Correlations: Venus, Ceres
Gemstones: Malachite, rose quartz
The healing wisdom of Taurus is RECEiVING
The first Earth sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, is grounded in the sensual pleasure of physical existence. Warmed by the sun and cooled by the rain s/he gives back what she receives in constant connectedness. The constellation, which includes the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, was one of the first named and written about as the Moon Goddess Io. Most of the time Taurus folk are fine in china shops. They are, after all, appreciative collectors of the finer things in life. Watch out when someone treads on their stubborn toes though, stirred to rage they are a force to be reckoned with. The Empress tarot card epitomises Taurus' nurturing power of abundance.