TAURUS Forecast for 2024 


  Jupiter in Taurus until May continues to help you expand your sense of identity and how you present yourself to the world. The North Moon Node is now in your 12th solar house, highlighting the hidden roots of your soul's agenda and how you process karma to evolve spiritually during this lifetime. Chiron, still in Aries all year, and Mercury retrograde through this area in April will be pressing unconscious buttons to do with early or past life woundings that can prevent you from living your full potential. The South Node in Libra in your sixth house shows the specific health issues and lifestyle changes you may need to address. The eclipses provide excellent opportunities to work with spiritual renewal and future direction. Mercury starts and finishes the year in your house of self-empowerment, inviting you to reflect deeply on the birth-death-rebirth cycle, sexual intimacy, shared money and energy resources. Are there patterns of action, reaction or inaction in these areas of your life that negatively impact your health and well-being? With Juno in your house of self-expression, creativity, children and romance until August, a new love relationship, parenting including your inner child, or a passion for a creative project will often be uppermost in your mind. Enjoy!

TAURUS Forecast for 2023     Invite Joy & Subtle Energies into Your Being

May to October, your planet, lovely Venus in Leo, favours you, sparking joy in beautifying and appreciating your home and family. Mars urges fulfilling missions of self-empowerment from newly acquired values. The Moon Nodes move out of Taurus/Scorpio in July. Final Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon eclipses in May and October facilitate the release of any lingering relationship conundrums and reinforce increased feelings of self-worth. From July for the next eighteen months, circumstances surrounding your health, work and everyday routines offer opportunities to clear karmic patterning, to heal and harmonise your environment. Mother Ceres focuses your attention on healthy nutrition and parenting, including that of your inner child. At the same time as enjoying Nature through your bodily senses, open to receive guidance from the many subtle energy beings on the living Earth. Mercury, retrograde in Taurus end of April to mid-May, invites reflection on how far you have come in making radical changes to your image and self-esteem since Uranus entered Taurus in early 2018. Expansive Jupiter, in your sign from mid-May, brings good luck and many opportunities for further growth, and the North Moon Node highlights the new elevated direction of your spiritual path.

Your Zodiac Sign


Taurus ~ Rock 20 April – 21 May
Physical correlations:
Mouth, throat, neck and thyroid
Celestial Correlations: Venus, Ceres
Gemstones: Malachite, rose quartz
The healing wisdom of Taurus is RECEiVING
The first Earth sign of the Zodiac, Taurus, is grounded in the sensual pleasure of physical existence. Warmed by the sun and cooled by the rain s/he gives back what she receives in constant connectedness. The constellation, which includes the Pleiades or Seven Sisters, was one of the first named and written about as the Moon Goddess Io. Most of the time Taurus folk are fine in china shops. They are, after all, appreciative collectors of the finer things in life. Watch out when someone treads on their stubborn toes though, stirred to rage they are a force to be reckoned with. The Empress tarot card epitomises Taurus' nurturing power of abundance.

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