CAPRICORN Forecast for 2022     Cooperating with the Soul


It's Pluto's last full year in Capricorn. Many of you may be breathing a sigh of relief. Others, appreciating Pluto's phenomenal evolutionary potential, transforming anything it touches, may want to make the most of its presence this year. From January to March, when most of the personal planets pass through Capricorn and align with Pluto, decide what you want to eliminate from your identity field. As Saturn continues through your second solar house, focusing on the values underpinning what you want to achieve, you will increasingly work towards giving these principles material form. If you are dissatisfied with your job, look for something which complements rather than conflicts with your ethics. In April, when Jupiter meets mystical Neptune, a fathomless growth in spiritual awareness will inspire you to communicate more on a soul level. The South Moon Node, showing what karmic patterns need releasing, is in your house of friendship and group affiliation this year. Maybe time for some changes in your field of associations. Search out those that help lift your vibrations. The North Moon Node supports revolutionary change artist Uranus in your house of self-expression, love and creativity. Asteroid Kaali offers energetic earth-centred ways to release stress and blocks to imaginative self-expression. 

CAPRICORN Forecast for 2021     Your mission is to live your soul's calling

How's it going Capricorn? Jupiter, Saturn and Chariklo have moved out of your sign, and are starting new cycles in Aquarius. They focus attention on the values underpinning what you want to achieve, and the how to of making things happen. Jupiter and Saturn can work well together, providing optimistic enthusiasm, on the one hand, form-giving stability on the other. Chariklo is teaching us all about tolerance and counsels setting appropriate boundaries, which you will almost certainly need to do this year. Juno with the South Moon Node in your house of the collective unconscious opens you to feeling humanity's karmic dross. Watch for getting hooked into delusional stories, your own and other people's. Call on protective Mother Ceres and shamanic Chiron for help in personal healing. Beautifying your home and workspaces to provide a nurturing environment is crucial to your spiritual growth. Pallas Athene gifts courage and intelligence in communication, urging you to reach out to others in your immediate environment. During Mercury's final retrograde of the year (27/9 -18/10), take time to reflect on all-round progress in manifesting your soul's calling.

Your Zodiac Sign


Capricorn ~ Mountain
22 December – 20 January

Physical correlations:
Skeleton, skin, teeth, hair, gall bladder
Celestial Correlations: Saturn
Gemstones: Diamond, onyx

Healing wisdom of Capricorn is RESPONSIBILITY (response-ability)
Capricorn's constellation, Amaltheia, was an early tribal goddess replaced by the Olympians and then revered in the heavens as a divine goat. It was one of her horns that became the Cornucopia which signifies material abundance. Earthy Capricorns can be serious kids or silly older goats. Having an innate understanding of material form and social structures, they are both practical and sensual. They enjoy climbing the mountain for the experience and the achievement, knowing that the hard steep part is an integral part of the process. The Devil (originally Pan) tarot card reminds Capricorn that the material world can be a trap if not properly respected as divine Nature Herself.