Greetings from the Creative Cronies Team

Shona, Merryn, Arafelle, Raine, Minerva and Jade

The Moon Calendar has a herstory of 46 years. and was founded by Gretchen Lawlor in 1978. In 1990, Robyn, Arafelle and Minerva were handed the helm.  We formed Creative Cronies and produced our first Moon Calendar, the 1991 edition.  Two years later, we published our first Astrological Moon Diary.

In 2020, an extraordinary line up of planets in Capricorn began a new 230 year long Jupiter/Saturn cycle known as a Great Mutation. This ‘end-time’ marked a time of collective letting go and a major reset for many of us. Our wonderful friend and business partner Robyn chose that time to step away from her position in our company. Arafelle’s awesome daughter Jade, has efficiently taken up much of Robyn’s mahi and is now our current sales and distribution manager.  In 2021, Merryn joined our team as artist, desktop publisher, writer/astrologer/priestess.

Our thanks go to Margaret Marsh for tech support, Cypress Vivieare-Davis for many years of cover designs, and to Raine and Shona for dedicated proofreading.  Astrologers Arafelle and Minerva wish to acknowledge the support of both our long standing and new customers.  We will endeavour to produce future Moon Calendars and Diaries for as long we are able.

Contact details for us are:
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