SAGITTARIUS Forecast for 2022     
Renewal and Honouring of the Vision Quest


Saturn is still in your house of communication and neighbourly acquaintances, while Jupiter is in your house of home, family and ancestral roots and then self-expression, creativity and romance this year. So keep plodding on with the work of restructuring your ways of thinking and communicating while enjoying the uplifting booms Jupiter has on offer. In April, Jupiter meets Neptune in Pisces. The Jupiter/Neptune combination will bring extraordinary insights, understanding, and possible illusions/delusions about foundational beliefs rooted in your deep psyche.The Moon Nodes and eclipses are moving out of Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio, lifting some of the pressure that has been on you to clear past karma and head for the highest good in relationships. Now is a time for healing and integration. Uranus in your sixth house has been blasting through rock, freeing up energy to create space for healthier routine body/mind systems to evolve. The North Moon Node and solar eclipses support this process. The South Moon Node and lunar eclipses will help to illuminate the ongoing process of clearing karma and letting go of the past, now going on a deep subconscious and collective unconscious level.

SAGITTARIUS Forecast for 2021     Time to fully share your inspirational ideas and forward-thinking co-creatively

The Moon Nodes and eclipses are now in Gemini/Sagittarius, focused across your 7th/1st house axis of relationship and personal identity, while Juno is in Sagittarius until mid-November. Working with relationships with yourself and others is a significant theme this year. People may appear from your past asking, consciously or unconsciously, for the resolution and release of karmic bonds. Pallas Athene supports you as you explore childhood and past life security patterns of behaviour. Defensive ways of keeping yourself safe when you were most vulnerable may not still be appropriate, now acting to separate you from your loved ones. Ask the advice of Mother Ceres about creating the highest spiritual dynamics in your relationships. Vesta helps you stay focused, and above all true to yourself, in the public arena. Jupiter, Saturn and Chariklo now in your 3rd house, means there is a whole lot of communicating going on. Enthusiastic Jupiter opens up channels for sharing your ideas for the future. Chariklo brings balance in the form of boundary-setting restraint when needed, while form-giving Saturn shows the way to get your ideas into manifestation.

Your Zodiac Sign


Sagittarius ~ Wildfire
22 November – 22 December

Physical correlations:
Hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, liver
Celestial Correlations: Jupiter
Gemstones: Turquoise, lapis lazuli

The healing wisdom of Sagittarius is TEACHING
The freedom loving Horse of Sagittarius appears as a manifestation of the Goddess all over the ancient world. Tales of Welsh Rhiannon, riding a white horse and carrying an abundance bag, show a typically fiery, yet compassionate spirit. Searching for Truth, Sagittarius loves theological and philosophical debates that push the mind past its normal limits. Taking an idealistic perspective and enjoying travel, in close they can feel trapped and inclined to deny their own emotional needs. Gemini, the opposite sign on the continuum, teaches them lightness and laughter. The Temperance tarot card shows how experience tests, tempers and unites different elements in life.