2024 for ARIES

Early in 2024, Mars, travelling through the last three signs of the Zodiac, emphasises the public, social, objective, and collective areas of your life. This year, Pluto, who since 2008 has been transforming your way of doing the high-profile stuff of your 10th house – societal contribution, career and business achievements, moves on into your place of friendship and group association. Mother Ceres in your 10th house from February to December draws you into caring and providing for others, caregiving, a food-related business, or involvement in Earth environmental movements. If beset by doubts about the benefit to others of what you are doing, look for a spiritual discipline to inspire positivity. Focus attention on your own evolution. The Moon Nodes and eclipses are in Aries/Libra, pushing us to express our core soul identities. Aries especially will be acutely sensitive when their integrity and authenticity are threatened. Learn to detach and see your and other people's relationship issues. Ongoing triggers may catapult you back into the pain of past traumas. Release, release, release. Jupiter will be bolstering your feelings of self-worth and expanding your networking and communication skills. Now is a great time to share your unique perspective and words of wisdom with the world.

ARIES Forecast for 2023     New  Discoveries Beckon

Pioneering Aries is empowered in the early months of this year with Jupiter's expansive energy bringing opportunities for growth and boundary-stretching into your sphere. Have fun trying out new images and ways of presenting yourself to the world. Learn a new language and experiment with naming things, even yourself, differently. In March, Jupiter meeting Chiron may expose deep wounds, often based on childhood experiences, to your sense of who you are in essence. Juno in Aries makes this an excellent time to explore how early traumas have affected the patterning of trust and commitment in your relationships. The Moon Nodes, crossing from Taurus/Scorpio to the Aries/Libra in July, elevate all our spiritual change expectations, teaching us to express our soul identities while releasing the comfort zone of following others' rules and expectations. Eris in Aries, teaching this lesson less gently, tends towards aggression and rebellion regardless of circumstances. The theme of these nodal positions is "Me versus We" becoming "Me and We".  January through March, Mars encourages you to act on your thinking with clear communication. Venus spends four months (early June to early October) in Leo, your place of play, heart energy and creativity. Time to have some well-deserved fun with that fiery energy.

Your Zodiac Sign

Aries ~ Spark 21 March ~ 20 April
Physical correlations: Head, brain, blood, muscle
Celestial Correlations: Mars, Pallas Athene, Eris
Gemstones: Bloodstone, ruby 
The healing wisdom of Aries is BEING
The first Fire sign of the Zodiac, Aries, symbolises the will to action, energy in process.The original name in Egypt of the constellation of Aries, was Seret, the Ewe. Aries approaches life with the exploratory innocence of the newborn. Eager and excited s/he leaps before she looks. "Here I am, I exist" she cries joyfully setting out on a path of discovery. Like the Fool tarot card, Aries trusts in the Universe. Injustice and a lack of experience in consequences may spur them to argue equally courageously with head mistresses or armed robbers. Aries can be full of fun and an exciting lover.

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