PISCES Forecast for 2022     Love and Unity Consciousness


Whoopee Pisces! Jupiter, the optimistic planet of growth and solution-finding, will be in your sign for much of 2022. Mid-April Jupiter meets mystical Neptune in your house of identity. The conjunction of these outer planetary giants in Pisces is rare and fortuitous aspects from Jupiter/Neptune to the Moon Nodes make this exceptionally powerful. The potential is an expansion of spiritual perception to take in a broad spectrum of quantum cosmic dimensions. In early March, Venus and Mars uniting on the cusp of Aquarius bring Saturn's idealistic form-giving initiatives into the territory of personal love attraction. Remember whatever you are planning to do first, check in with your heart. The third week in April Juno, in Pisces for the remainder of the year, brings up crucial questions of who you want to be in relationships, in committed partnerships and all your close intimate connections. Vesta, mostly in Pisces from late May on, supports an illuminated spirituality, helping you connect more deeply with your soul and the soul dimension in others. The Moon Nodes and eclipses impact your houses of neighbourly communication, short journeys and information gathering; spiritual/philosophical exploration, study, teaching and travel. You are challenged to let go of rigid beliefs that could still limit your evolutionary growth.

PISCES Forecast for 2021     
Your mission is to lead and give to the community from the guiding wisdom of your cosmic inner realms

Time to relax a little Pisces with Jupiter/Saturn now beginning their new cycle in your 12th home house. Although much of your community workload is lifting, the field of communication and new style relationships will still be demanding your outer attention. You may find yourself leading the way in working out the how-tos of shifting beliefs and resolving the karma of patriarchal patterning in relationships. Call on Juno and Vesta to help with the finer details of reprogramming. Chariklo helps sort fact from fantasy and sets appropriate boundaries protecting you from overwhelm, being washed away in the tidal wave of human suffering. Pallas Athene supports holistic, mind/body/soul healing and a growing awareness of your true Self. Art, music and dance combine well with periods of retreat and spiritual discipline. A low key martial art such as tai chi or qigong could work wonders to shift the energy of old trauma tied up in your body. The North Moon Node, the solar eclipse in June and Ceres in your 4th house, highlight the root chakra path to your highest destiny.

Your Zodiac Sign


Pisces ~ Ocean 19 February – 21 March
Physical correlations: Lymphatic system, feet
Celestial Correlations: Neptune
Gemstones: Amethyst, jade

The healing wisdom of Pisces is TRUST
Sumerian goddess Nammu, whose name means Ocean, is the earliest recorded deity who created everything in the Universe. Nina, another aspect of the same goddess, had a fish tail and swam in the sea. She interpreted dreams and was a prophetess known for her compassion. In touch with all of life Pisces tends to feel the suffering of others as their own. Meditative reflection is the pathway to their own healing centre. In love, they can be caught in a net of illusions or positively experience true ecstatic bliss. The Moon tarot card is all about Neptune's misty realms of empathy and intuition.