AQUARIUS Forecast for 2022     
Weaving A Humanitarian Vision of Community


In December 2020, the new 20-year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn began on the cusp of your sign. This year, Saturn helps you consolidate the gains you have made, firming up your far-seeing, innovative identity and leadership roles in the new era. At the end of February/beginning of March dance partners, Venus and Mars encourage you to strut your stuff. It's not a time to be shy or distant, but rather confidently share your knowledge, ideas and wisdom. In January, Mercury retrograde offers time/space to self-reflect. Compassionate Chariklo in Aquarius is joined by Vesta, deepening your connection with the divine source of yourself and the whole of life. Jupiter meets mystical Neptune in your house of values and resources in April. Allow yourself to dream big. Jupiter sparks expansive action in your field of communication. The Moon Nodes and eclipses focus on; your roots in home, family and ancestral patterning; your public profile, and your contribution to society. Uranus has been radicalising your survival instincts, helping you understand more of what makes you tick on a subconscious level. The eclipses are potent gateways to releasing deep conditioning to embrace your evolving awakened nature. 

AQUARIUS Forecast for 2021     Ready or not it's your turn to shine

With the new Jupiter/Saturn cycle launched in your sign, it's time for Aquarius to lead the way in the evolution of egalitarian socio-economic systems worldwide. Chariklo, in Aquarius until 2027, teaches a deep understanding of others and different ways of perceiving the world, encouraging diversity to flourish. Saturn in Aquarius squaring your planet Uranus in Taurus in February, June and December challenges you to stay centred affirming your unique wisdom. Inner battles may ensue, between parts of you that want to get things done and other elements crying freedom to be in the moment at all costs. This struggle, one expression of the Jupiter/Saturn dynamic, is going on throughout many areas of society. What is essential is that we keep talking, experimenting and moving forward. Mercury's first retrograde is in Aquarius (20/1-21/2), giving you pause to reflect and plan for the future. Chiron continues to address old wounds surrounding communication, particularly feelings of being misunderstood. The Moon Nodes and eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius, supported by Ceres and Juno, open portals into new creative ways of loving and caring.

Your Zodiac Sign


Aquarius ~ Airwaves
20 January – 19 February

Physical correlations:
Kidneys, adrenals, acid/alkaline balance
Celestial Correlations: Uranus
Gemstones: Sapphire, aquamarine

The healing wisdom of Aquarius is INTUITIVE INSIGHT
Exemplifying Aquarius, Egyptian goddess Nuit arched over the Earth giving birth to the sun each day and accepting it back into her body at night. Tears from her eyes and milk from her breasts flowed down to nurture the Earth. This air sign is always looking for ways to improve things for humanity as a whole. Ingenious inventors, Aquarians are inspired by futuristic visions and flashes of insight, talents based in their ability to distance themselves from immediate involvement. They love group energies, idealise friendship and individual freedom. The Star tarot card shows the pouring out of cosmic waters.