AQUARIUS Forecast for 2024


Underworld transformer Pluto settles into Aquarius in February until 2044 (with just a brief backtrack into Capricorn this September). In April, Jupiter meets your associated planet, revolutionary Uranus, in your 4th house of roots, home and family. The opposite 10th house of public profile and vocation is occupied by spiritual warrior Pallas Athene and fierce empowering Kaali, while the destiny-directing North Moon Node is in your 3rd house of communication. Challenges to be wholly yourself come from all sides. You are being asked to take the lead and share your uniquely innovative ideas about the way forward for humanity. With Chiron and the North Node in Aries, we are all being asked to heal the deep wounds that prevent us from expressing our true natures, our most authentic selves now. Memories of influential traumas, maybe in past lives, surface and pull you into studying your basic philosophies and beliefs about life. The times when Mercury is retrograde will help, allowing your super-busy mind to calm down, reflect and meditate. Relationship power dynamics and commitment questions have already been centre stage up to this time, with Juno travelling through your 8th house of death/rebirth, resource sharing and empowerment. Mars, too, ends the year in Leo, your relationship home. 

AQUARIUS Forecast for 2023     What Do You Most Value?

As Saturn moves out of Aquarius, Pluto moves into Aquarius this year. Until 2044 Pluto will be further transforming the work done by Jupiter and Saturn, birthing new societal and economic structures on the cusp of Aquarius in December 2020. Saturn asks you how you feel about yourself; what do you value most? Are you satisfied with your resources and the abundance of money and assets flowing to you through your work and general situation? Jupiter continues the job of expanding your communication skills until May, then is with Uranus in your 4th house for the remainder of the year. The North Moon Node and the Eclipses in Taurus over the past couple of years have helped you release deep karmic conditioning and to set your sights on an illuminated future. From July, the nodes and eclipses in Aries/Libra alert you to new ideas to learn about your habitual thinking processes and how others think without judgment. Venus is in Aquarius' opposite sign Leo and thus your relationship/partnership house, from May until October. In September, the love goddess gets together with Juno throwing a curved ball of potential commitment into your relationship field. While Leo's heart burns with desire, a cool Aquarius head may help you sort out what you want in the long term.

Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius ~ Airwaves
20 January – 19 February
Physical correlations:
Kidneys, adrenals, acid/alkaline balance
Celestial Correlations: Uranus
Gemstones: Sapphire, aquamarine
The healing wisdom of Aquarius is INTUITIVE INSIGHT  Exemplifying Aquarius, Egyptian goddess Nuit arched over the Earth giving birth to the sun each day and accepting it back into her body at night. Tears from her eyes and milk from her breasts flowed down to nurture the Earth. This air sign is always looking for ways to improve things for humanity as a whole. Ingenious inventors, Aquarians are inspired by futuristic visions and flashes of insight, talents based in their ability to distance themselves from immediate involvement. They love group energies, idealise friendship and individual freedom. The Star tarot card shows the pouring out of cosmic waters.

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