VIRGO Forecast for 2024 


Mercury begins the year retrograde in your house of home base roots, family and ancestral connections. Pallas Athene also spends much time in this house and Mercury's 3rd house of communication throughout the year. By making the most of Mercury's meditative retrogrades and Athene's wise guidance, you will gain much understanding of the patterns of your ancestral and childhood programming. Vesta, in your 10th house for the year's first half, emphasises purity of purpose in whatever you see as your vocational calling, while Jupiter adds many opportunities to lead and expand whatever you are working on. With Saturn in your house of relationships, Juno's and then Vesta's presence in your place of identity, you will be working to establish and maintain a balance between your needs and those of significant others. Mercury's third retrograde period over the Leo/Virgo cusp in August will allow you to reflect on this polarity. The Nodes and the eclipses are in your 8th and 2nd houses. To fulfil your potential, you will need to release past karmic patterns associated with values, self-esteem and the way you support yourself materially. The North Node of Destiny invites a quantum shift from dominator power struggles to authentic self-empowerment.


VIRGO Forecast for 2023    Self awareness in balance with relationships  

Mercury, the traditional ruler of Virgo, retrogrades in January, April/May and finally in Virgo in August/September, potent times inviting you to reflect on: your love life and creative self-expression, your philosophy of life, your identity, and how you present yourself to the world. Ceres in Virgo from March until June encourages the full expression of your nurturing nature. Saturn is in your 6th house of health, healing, everyday routines and service until March, then Pisces and your relationship house for the remainder of the year. If you are considering committing to an intimate relationship, business partnership or activist community venture, make sure you don't neglect yourself in the process. Transformative Pluto dips into your Aquarius 6th house from March to June, settling in to stay in January 2024. The Solar Eclipse in Aries in April allows you to set positive intentions for the future of your power and resource sharing with other people. This theme continues until January 2025. From May, Jupiter in Taurus will uplift your spirits, enlarging the new philosophical outlooks on life that have entered your radar in the last couple of years. If there is a travel quest on offer or something you would love to study, now is the time to go ahead and enjoy.

Your Zodiac Sign


Virgo ~ The Soil 23 August – 23 September
Physical correlations:
Intestines, duodenum, spleen and liver
Celestial Correlations: Mercury, Vesta, Chiron
Gemstones: Kunzite, peridot

The healing wisdom of Virgo is UNDERSTANDING
Mutable Earth sign Virgo, symbolises wholeness and healing. Dualities of body/mind, sexuality/spirituality are united in her fertile soil. Striving for purity and perfection, attention to detail and service to others, are the hallmarks of Virgo. The original meaning of Virgin was a woman who was independent and free to express her sexuality as she chose. Sex was a spiritual activity as expressed by the Hearth goddess Vesta and the Vestal Virgins who tended the sacred life spirit flame. Associated with all growing things Virgo is revered in agricultural goddesses of corn and grain worldwide. The Wise Crone of the tarot shines her light within to see the intricacy of universal patterns.

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