VIRGO Forecast for 2022     
Recognising and Honouring the Earth as A Living Being

virgoPriestess Vesta spends two three-month-long periods (March-May, Sep-Nov) in your natural 6th house this year. Vesta specialises in self-discipline, focused dedication and devotion to the sanctity of the soul. Call on her for guidance if the going gets tough. Saturn demands a restructuring of everyday life routines. Anything that is not healthy for your body, mind and spirit has to go. Chariklo works with Vesta to help you understand, accept and ultimately release addictive patterns. Jupiter in your 7th house brings expansion, joy and abundance to your relationships. The Jupiter/Neptune mystical meeting in April gifts special magic that you can tap into any time. Great for romancing! Juno, also in your 7th house from late April until the end of the year, reminds you to be cautious when making long-term commitments. Your public life is still likely to be busy, and your caring nature may compel you into activism. On another level, you continue to search for a greater understanding of the revolutionary Earth forces in play now. This year the North Moon Node and two solar eclipses create earth tremors in your thinking, overturning previously held beliefs. When in doubt, consult your inner priestess and follow your heart.

VIRGO Forecast for 2021     Knowing yourself more fully all the time enables you to be of service to All

Mercury's first retrograde in 2021 takes place in your house of everyday routine, health, work and service. These areas of your life are now strongly influenced by the presence of expansive Jupiter and limit setting Saturn. Finding a balance between extremes might mean, for instance, setting limits on how much non-healthy food you eat, not banning anything altogether nor allowing anything to take over addictively. Chariklo, also entering this Virgo house for an extended stay, knows the value of setting appropriate boundaries. Vesta, in Virgo for the first half of the year, encourages you to see perfection in all the details of your everyday surroundings, health routines and service to others. It will help to explore family patterns and childhood conditioning that inform your relationships. The North Moon Node at the apex of your chart calls you to give of your very best in community service now. Ceres focuses your attention on the protection and healing of Mother Earth, her most vulnerable places and people. If you find yourself in a public leadership role, welcome the opportunity it offers for joyful spiritual growth.

Your Zodiac Sign


Virgo ~ The Soil 23 August – 23 September
Physical correlations:
Intestines, duodenum, spleen and liver
Celestial Correlations: Mercury, Vesta, Chiron
Gemstones: Kunzite, peridot

The healing wisdom of Virgo is UNDERSTANDING
Mutable Earth sign Virgo, symbolises wholeness and healing. Dualities of body/mind, sexuality/spirituality are united in her fertile soil. Striving for purity and perfection, attention to detail and service to others, are the hallmarks of Virgo. The original meaning of Virgin was a woman who was independent and free to express her sexuality as she chose. Sex was a spiritual activity as expressed by the Hearth goddess Vesta and the Vestal Virgins who tended the sacred life spirit flame. Associated with all growing things Virgo is revered in agricultural goddesses of corn and grain worldwide. The Wise Crone of the tarot shines her light within to see the intricacy of universal patterns.