SCORPIO Forecast for 2024


Pluto, the modern-day ruler of Scorpio, moves into Aquarius, your 4th solar house, in January and is joined briefly in February by Scorpio's traditional ruler, Mars. You can expect an intense burst of transformation in the deep roots of your being. Subconscious conditioning from childhood, ancestral and past life patterning surface and demand resolution. Asteroid goddesses Pallas Athene and Kaali, travelling through Scorpio and Sagittarius, support you in having the courage to redefine yourself, your beliefs and your value systems. Embrace this work, which will bring ineffable rewards of spiritual growth. Mercury's retrograde period in Aries in April gives you a chance to pause, take a breather and reflect on your future direction. Honest communication is essential. Mother Ceres, in your 3rd solar house for most of the year, advises self-responsibility and nurturing, paying particular attention to the needs of your inner child. Saturn working its way through Pisces makes you acutely sensitive to the suffering in the world. Escaping through addictive habits and fantasy worlds may be tempting. Instead, focus on experiencing the joy and love inherent in each present moment. There is the potential to give your dreams and visions structural foundations while letting go of anything that doesn't stand up to a thorough reality check.

2023 for Scorpio

In July, when the Moon Nodes move out of Scorpio/Taurus, pressure on Scorpios to radically up your game begins to ease. Use the two last lunar eclipses, in Scorpio in May and Taurus in October, to do final clearing, aiming for an increasingly enlightened relationship with yourself and intimate others. Mars in your 8th house for the first three months of the year focuses energy on Scorpio matters concerning power, sex, death, inheritance and the sharing of resources. It is an excellent time to organise your assets and finances and sort out the power dynamics of sexual relationships. Revolutionary Uranus has been overturning many of your beliefs and expectations about relationships. Jupiter now adds a revitalising force, helping you live up to the ideal visions the North Moon Node instigated in this house. Venus is in Leo and your 10th house of high aspirations, business and community service from May to October. Venus baths everything she touches in loving creativity, lightening the responsibility you may feel when working to achieve your goals. In March, Saturn, associated with the 10th house, is moving out of your 4th house of home and family into the 5th of creative self-expression, pushing you to give your innovative ideas form and substance. 

Your Zodiac Sign


Scorpio ~ Geyser 24 October – 22 November
Physical correlations:
Sexual organs, bladder, bowel, immune system
Celestial Correlations: Pluto
Gemstones: Garnet, obsidian

The healing wisdom of Scorpio is LETTING GO
Scorpio is a Water sign heated in the deepest darkest caverns of the Underworld. "Transformation at any cost" could be Scorpio's motto, the compost heap their temple of renewal. Liking to delve into other's unconscious minds they tend to defensively guard the secrets of their own inner demons. Understanding human emotions and motivation they can be compassionate healers. Scorpio's tarot card is Death and her symbols - the Scorpion, Snake and Bird - appear among the earliest evidence of human life on earth. Death can be seen as a benevolent force, returning beings to the womb of the Mother to be reborn. Snake shedding her skins symbolises this letting go and reemergence.

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