SCORPIO Forecast for 2022      Revitalising Rites of Passage


The Moon Nodes and eclipses are now in Taurus/Scorpio, quickening radical change in relating to others, to the world at large and in the way you see and express yourself. Mercury, Venus, Vesta, and Juno are in your house of neighbourly communication in the early months of the year, helping Pluto complete a communication metamorphosis. Saturn continues to explore and release old patterns associated with home, family, childhood and ancestral programming, while Jupiter gives a positive boost to creative self-expression and romance. When the benefactor meets mystic Neptune in April, you may feel you've finally met your soul mate. Enjoy, but be cautious about making commitments until new connections have endured the test of time. From September on into next year, Mars will be in your house of power, sexuality and shared resources. Time to eliminate any remaining self-sabotage that inhibits self-empowerment. Spiritual warrior and wisdom goddess Pallas Athene supports you as you transform your beliefs about yourself on an emotional level. Later in the year, Jupiter joins shamanic healer Chiron in its work of reuniting scattered parts of your body, mind and soul. Keep consolidating everyday health routines, adding beauty and harmony to your environment.

SCORPIO Forecast for 2021      Your mission is to continue your work as a midwife in the rebirthing of the human family

Twitchy Uranus now in Taurus and your 7th solar house may feel unsettling to your established way of relating. What is imperative is that you open up, learn to reside in the present moment and work/play with the flow of dynamic change. There is much guidance available this year. Pallas Athene is in support in your house of romantic love, self-expression and creativity. Vesta brings focus to your work within community and friendship groups. Juno is concerned with teasing out the essential values underpinning all your connections, while Ceres advises on matters concerned with sex, shared resources and self-empowerment. Jupiter in your house of home and family helps you become more aware of your most habitual ways of being. Ask yourself "What is constructive and what destructive to my well being and my relationships." Saturn and Chariklo have also just entered this house at the base of your chart, helping you set appropriate boundaries and goals for instilling new attitudes and behaviours. Scorpio is skilled at releasing and allowing energy to transform. The Lunar eclipse in Taurus in November invites a phoenix rebirth.

Your Zodiac Sign


Scorpio ~ Geyser 24 October – 22 November
Physical correlations:
Sexual organs, bladder, bowel, immune system
Celestial Correlations: Pluto
Gemstones: Garnet, obsidian

The healing wisdom of Scorpio is LETTING GO
Scorpio is a Water sign heated in the deepest darkest caverns of the Underworld. "Transformation at any cost" could be Scorpio's motto, the compost heap their temple of renewal. Liking to delve into other's unconscious minds they tend to defensively guard the secrets of their own inner demons. Understanding human emotions and motivation they can be compassionate healers. Scorpio's tarot card is Death and her symbols - the Scorpion, Snake and Bird - appear among the earliest evidence of human life on earth. Death can be seen as a benevolent force, returning beings to the womb of the Mother to be reborn. Snake shedding her skins symbolises this letting go and reemergence.