LIBRA Forecast for 2022     Weaving the Threads of Diversity


Venus spends the first two months of 2022 in your house of home, family and ancestral roots. During January, she is supported by Mercury and Juno. All these planets, associated with relationships and communication, meet with Pluto in its last full year in Capricorn. A final chance to transform inner and outer family dynamics and to learn to love it all. Love and acceptance don't necessarily mean agreement but rather letting go of the need to try and change what is. In May, shortly after meeting mystical Neptune in your house of everyday living and service, Jupiter moves into your relationship arena. Expansive, growth and spirit-filled attractions abound. Healing seems to happen, or have happened, without the need for conscious effort. The Moon Nodes and eclipses move into Taurus/Scorpio, your 8th and 2nd houses. Having reset your direction in life last year, you're ready to update your values and put them into action. Uranus is creating seismic changes to how you handle power, self-empowerment, relationships, sexuality, finances, and the sharing of resources. During the second half of the year, call on asteroid Kaali, with Uranus, to help you release old patterns that no longer serve the higher good.

LIBRA Forecast for 2021      Gifting your visionary creativity to facilitate the evolutionary growth of the human collective

Juno, goddess of relationship, is in Libra until September, while Chiron is now in Aries and your seventh house, supported by Mars from July; healing connection and healing through connection. Uranus will be stirring the pot of commitment, sexual boundaries and power dynamics in relationships, awakening awareness, and tapping into vital Life Source energy. Because the stack of planets in Capricorn is in your fourth house, you are living in what may feel like an earthquake zone. This house represents the ground we stand on, home base, storing memories of childhood, ancestors and past lives. Saturn/Pluto, here at the beginning of the year, will heavily underline the remaining work you need to do to completely transform the psychological patterning you've been working through since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Everything you experience this year will be teaching you what it means to take risks and dare to be your most authentic Self. From December on vast new fields of personal and collaborative experience will open up. Time to respond to your true calling of self-expressive gifting of your visionary creativity to the whole human family.

Your Zodiac Sign


Libra ~ Breath 23 September – 24 October
Physical correlations:
Kidneys, adrenals, acid/alkaline balance
Celestial Correlations: Venus, Juno
Gemstones: Emerald, jasper

The healing wisdom of Libra is HARMONY
Cardinal Air sign Libra is a mediator who tries to create balance and harmony between polarities. Perfect angels themselves, Libras love to play devil's advocate, sometimes triggering the violence they hate by trying to bring sworn enemies together. Libra's Venus smile can melt an ice cube at ten paces. Their guiding principle, the spirit of cosmic law, is personified in Egyptian goddess Maat. To see whether a soul was ready for the next evolutionary stage of growth, she used the ankh of peace to weigh human hearts against the lightness of an ostrich feather. The Justice tarot card weighs all possibilities in the search for Truth.