CANCER Forecast for 2024     


Cancer's nurturing essence is focused on relationships this year with Mother Ceres in your 7th house for almost the entire year. Mars and Venus are in the 7th during January and February, adding vibrant attraction energy. Pluto finally moves on to focus on transformation through egalitarian power dynamics, death/rebirth, shared resources and sex. Your 3rd house will be occupied by Juno for most of the year, showing the importance of clear communication and knowing what you want from your significant others. The Moon Nodes now in Aries/Libra emphasise the need for balance between public service and private family home life. Memories from childhood and past lives will surface and may be understood to be associated with ancestral karmic patterning. From May, Jupiter will significantly extend your psychic sensitivity and imaginative dreaming in your house of hidden subconscious dimensions. Find an enjoyable way – art, drama, dance, journaling, to channel and record what you are receiving. In your 9th house of philosophical understanding, Saturn will insist on reality-checking before you embrace new ideas into your overall system of beliefs. Radical thoughts about everything to do with the material world continue filtering through your friendships and group associations. Above all, stay in touch.

CANCER Forecast for 2023     Trust Your Own Judgement

Jupiter continues to inspire your service to the public good until May. Meeting Chiron in March and Eris in April, Jupiter may exaggerate self-doubts that prevent you from expressing your fullest potential. Aim to eliminate self-sabotage before the North Moon Node arrives in July. For the next eighteen months, there will be many opportunities to achieve great things in spiritual, business and community arenas. Keep watch for family and ancestral patterns of fear and insecurity that could stop you from trusting your judgment in both the public and domestic domain. Solar eclipses in April and October open portals into other dimensions of reality, enabling you to change direction and make different choices for your future. Saturn in your 9th house from March facilitates new spiritual adventures and shifts in philosophical outlook. Until October, Ceres brings her influence to bear on all matters concerning communication, your home, family and ancestral roots. Record what you learn for future reference. It is all part of who you are in this incarnation and deserves equal recognition. Mid-September until mid-December, Vesta in Cancer suggests inner sanctuary retreat for self-reflection. Venus, in Leo from June until October, encourages you to value pleasure, enrich your assets and lovingly nurture your self-esteem.

Your Zodiac Sign


Cancer ~ Spring 21 June – 23 July
Physical correlations:
Breast, stomach, mucous membrane linings
Celestial Correlations: Moon
Gemstones: Moonstone, opal

The healing wisdom of Cancer is GIVING
The first Water sign of the Zodiac is a nurturer and fierce protector of life. In Hercules' fight with the Hydra, the Crab joined in and pinched him in the foot. As a reward, the Goddess Hera placed the Crab in the heavens. Cancers are Moon beings, their moods go through phases. Usually wonderful cooks, Cancers are affectionate care-givers. Home is definitely where their hearts are. In love they need to be needed. They can be super sensitive, retreating into their shells at the slightest threat of hurt. The Chariot tarot card shows a self-determined being, propelled and guided by emotions.

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