CANCER Forecast for 2022      The Power of Vulnerability to Inspire Humanity


This year, most planets are moving through your solar chart's Southern hemisphere, focusing your attention on other people and society in general. During the first three months, Venus, Mars and partnership goddess Juno have multiple meetings with transformative Pluto, still travelling through your house of relationships. Fears of codependency in love may make you resistant to intimacy and commitment. At the Leo Full Moon, Venus/Mars conjunct, on the 1st degree of Aquarius, invite you to open your heart, trusting you will not lose yourself in the process. Chariklo and Saturn in Aquarius help ensure you maintain appropriate boundaries in your loving. Time to sort out power dynamics in sexual relationships, especially those involving shared property and finances. Mercury retrograde encourages self-reflection instead of projection. Call on Vesta to centre yourself in your Self. Jupiter in your ninth house cuddles up to Neptune in March. In April, the mystic meeting between Jupiter and Neptune beckons you into the unknown territory of multidimensional universes. Moon Node and eclipse energies challenge you to head for your highest potential in group, community and friendship interactions. The eclipse windows offer an opportunity to cut cords and release old attachments as you forge a new self-expressive identity.


CANCER Forecast for 2021     
Continue to peel away layers of confidence zapping programming, becoming fully Self-empowered

The Moon Nodes and eclipses spotlight your 12th and 6th solar houses this year. Juno travelling through your 6th for most of the year, focuses attention on the effect relationships have on your health. With all the action in Capricorn last year, the beliefs and expectations of significant others may have pulled you away from your life path. Now with Jupiter, Saturn and Chariklo in Aquarius and your 8th house of self-empowerment, you will feel more optimistic, safe and centred in yourself. Mother goddess Ceres, in Gemini and your 12th house from early May until August, advises on how to protect yourself from feeling overwhelmed by the suffering of the human collective. The second Lunar eclipse in November is in your house of friendship and cooperative community, where Uranus is stirring up revolutionary change. If you are aware of needing to let go of old associations that no longer serve you, the following Total Solar eclipse energy will help in letting go, making space for new freer connections. Vesta in your 3rd house for most of the year inspires precision in communication.

Your Zodiac Sign


Cancer ~ Spring 21 June – 23 July
Physical correlations:
Breast, stomach, mucous membrane linings
Celestial Correlations: Moon
Gemstones: Moonstone, opal

The healing wisdom of Cancer is GIVING
The first Water sign of the Zodiac is a nurturer and fierce protector of life. In Hercules' fight with the Hydra, the Crab joined in and pinched him in the foot. As a reward, the Goddess Hera placed the Crab in the heavens. Cancers are Moon beings, their moods go through phases. Usually wonderful cooks, Cancers are affectionate care-givers. Home is definitely where their hearts are. In love they need to be needed. They can be super sensitive, retreating into their shells at the slightest threat of hurt. The Chariot tarot card shows a self-determined being, propelled and guided by emotions.