Wāhine Wild Mārama Collection - NZ Only

Wāhine Wild Mārama Collection - NZ Only

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Creative Cronies are delighted to be collaborating with Wāhine Wild. The Mārama Collection has been designed to offer you guidance, inspiration, and a practice for reconnecting to the cycles of the moon and your own inner cycles.

It has been made by local women, using local resources, with the core values of putting Papatūānuku and people first, always. Each item is sustainably sourced and made the slow way – with human hearts and hands.

The collection includes a moon calendar, chock full of astrological guidance and predictions, women’s art, moon phase times (and the signs and degrees they fall on), seasonal holidays, as well as advice on gardening and fishing by the moon.

Our journals are made using 135gsm carbon neutral recycled paper pages, and handmade covers with kauri chip inclusions from the Papermill in Whāngarei. The paper is folded, collated, and the journals are stitched by hand in Diggers Valley, Kaitaia.  We chose thicker pages and a binding that allows them to open flat, so they’re perfect for writing or drawing, whether you’re left or right handed.

The collection includes 13 candles, one for each of the new moons of 2022. Our beeswax comes from Hive Heart Honey Bees in Kaingaroa. We melt it over our woodstove, then dip the wick with layer after layer of wax until it gets to the perfect thickness. We’ve tied special ritual ideas around them, specific to the astrological sign of each new moon, a little spark to invite creative and reflective curiosity.  These are tied around the candle with the time and date of the new moon, ready for your ritual.

Our candle holders are made from swamp kauri, or ‘ancient kauri’, which comes from naturally fallen logs which have been preserved in the peat fields of the Far North. It’s important to us that they retain the energy of the ancient, natural, timeless soul of the kauri.  So we finished them with a simple beeswax and linseed polish, and a hand-poked symbol for the new moon. We hope they’ll take you to the timeless wonder of ancient forests.

Caution: because these are wooden, be certain to extinguish your candle before the flame reaches the wood.

We hope that this box will be a companion for you, along your journey of reconnecting with the moon, the earth, and the cycles we all belong to.

Check out Wāhine Wild's Chooice store 
where you can purchase the Mārama Collection, and other local, handmade, and taiao friendly products.  You can also find Wāhine Wild on Facebook and Instagram @waahinewild if you want to keep an eye on what’s up next for them!